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Reflection in a Pond

Tinka, Sacred Mushroom Retreat

I was a participant in a Mushroom retreat in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico in September 2021. I am beyond grateful to Jessica, Andrew, Zlatka & Christopher for organizing & facilitating this retreat. The program was well balanced between the two mushroom journeys with other exercises & practices that helped to deepened the experience into life changing realizations & personal growth. My heart is full of love, compassion, acceptance for myself & all that is. Dear facilitators thank you for seeing me, loving me, holding the space & allowing me to see myself in you. Deep gratitude to all.

Christina, New Years

I have been in pretty intensive therapy for the past 3 years, recovering from a terrible divorce, PTSD from childhood trauma and all the things. I somehow found my way to Costa Rica for a Magic Mushroom New Years retreat. I was full of anxiety, scared, alone and sad... I had never done anything like this before and was terrified but also knew deep down inside that there was something in this for me to learn. Needless to say, I did more healing, self-growth, and mindful learning in these 7 days than the entirety of my 3 years in therapy. I uncovered some deeply hidden trauma that was the root of my PTSD and anxiety... admittedly, it was difficult (emotional) at times but being surrounded by the gentle, loving Jessica & Andrew gave me a safe place to discover and process much of what I was suppressing. Now, two months after this experience, I can tell you that I am a new person, full of love and genuine happiness and I now realize that it was there all the time... I just needed help to find it. I will be forever grateful for this experience and the beautiful people that I met at the retreat... we came together as strangers and left as family. It was truly magical.

Luis, Healing the Heart

It’s difficult to convey into words how much appreciation I have for Andrew and Jessica’s work but I will do my best here. I attended the Healing the Heart retreat in Monteverde and it greatly exceeded my expectations. I’ve sat with plant medicine with a few different space holders in Costa rica and I truly feel Andrew and Jessica’s retreats have been some of the best quality around. The locations are always beautiful and super comfortable. The food absolutely delicious, and the workshops incredibly helpful. Overall this retreat was positively life-changing as expected and so much more. I always express to friends and family, if you choose one of Andrew and Jessica’s retreats you’ll receive twice the value for half the price. They’re absolutely the best team around and I highly recommend them. Many many thanks and blessings

Reflection in a Pond

Hillary, Sacred Mushroom Retreat 2022

I can't say enough about my experience with Jessica and Andrew. it's a huge statement to make, but i feel like there was my life before July's retreat, and my life after. the shifts have turned my world around and sent ripples that have been felt by those around me. i am incredibly grateful for their guidance and support during and after. the work you do with them is not easy. it will show you what you need to see - maybe what you've been avoiding - even if you're not new to these sort of practices. but they truly have a way of inviting your strongest you forward, within the safest container. if you're feeling the call, don't question it.

Thomas, Spring Reset

I don’t even know where to start. I attended Jessica and Andrew’s Spring Reset and Realignment Retreat in April of 2022. Everything was so well thought out and put together. From the retreat center itself and delicious meals to the beautiful ceremonies and workshops. I’m beyond blessed to have had this experience with these beautiful people. If you are looking to grow and truly put in the work this is the place for you. I’m so thankful for all the time and dedication they have put in to their gift to the world. And for sharing it with such open hearts. Forever grateful.

Gisela, Retreat Participant

I absolutely loved working with Jessica. She is able to create such a safe and nurturing, loving space which allowed me to open up all the way and that is where true transformation happens. I felt completely accepted as I am and I could let go and surrender all the way. Her wisdom, dedication and devotion to sacred ceremonies is deeply inspiring and enabled me to benefit in every aspect. A life changing experience. I can only highly recommend working with her.


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