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Our Story

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One Spirit
Infinite Journeys

What brought us together
It's a pleasure to meet you, we're Andrew & Jessica and One Spirit Infinite Journeys is our shared inspiration. It officially became a clear vision in Fall of 2021, but we met in December of 2020 during an Ayahuasca retreat Andrew was attending and Jessica was supporting. Little synchronicities here and there kept us together again for a second retreat at the same center where we developed a greater awareness and love of one another. 

A trip to Mexico in March 0f 2021 was the first time we began to explore the possibility of hosting a retreat together. This inspiration came during a mushroom journey in the mountains of San Jose Del Pacifico, which is where we host our Mexico Retreats. We explored Peru together in April and May of the same year where Andrew was guided to meet Jessica's teacher. Having worked through various challenges together we were not without our tests and opportunities for forgiveness. The summer months kept us apart for some time as we walked our own individual paths until Jessica felt the inspiration to bring us together for a mushroom retreat in Mexico that September. 

The name One Spirit Infinite Journeys came one afternoon in August 2021 when we were feeling into what is true for us. As guides and facilitators we believe everything true comes from one spirit and it seems there are an infinite number of journeys to return home to that spirit. We understand our chosen way is simply one of the many and respect and honor all the paths. 

We are constantly opening and growing as a partnership and it is our hope to be able to assist you on your journey in whatever way the inspirations come. 
What we do
At the core of all that we do is the intent to open ourselves up to greater knowing of love. In the process of doing this we aim to be guides and facilitators that help others come to this experience and knowing in their own way. We work with a variety of different plant medicines and healing modalities that we facilitate or are facilitated by dear friends we know and trust. In group or private retreats you have the opportunity to experience and work with different medicines such as the sacred mushroom Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapé, and San Pedro (Huachuma).

In addition to plant medicines we also offer a number of different modalities to support healing and the integrative process with these medicines. Things you might find in retreat include Holotropic Breathwork, Somatic Release practices, Authentic Relating, Self Inquiry, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing and Music. 

Within our various coaching containers and retreats we focus a great deal on changing the mental stories that can keep one bound to the past and in the loop of fear and all its manifestations. We welcome the essence of Spirit into our work and believe that the denial of it can be one of the great troubles of one's life. Our aim is not to help you make your life better or more enjoyable, although that can be a byproduct of this work, but to help you wake up from the dream of what you thought your life is. We place a great emphasis on bringing one's focus to love while also letting go of illusions, fear, attachments and resistance.

We believe that this journey is about letting go of any resistance to love. The many plant medicines and modalities we work within are merely tools to help this process along. After all, we are all One Spirit and the Journeys we take home to this knowing can seem Infinite. 

The story that's just a story


In 2013, after a culmination of impactful experiences in my life, I found myself on a new path that would lead me to where I am today, learning, growing and supporting others to find their way back to love and inner peace. Ten years ago, I had the career, marriage, and family that most set out to achieve all by the age of 31. And now I find myself living in the remote mountains of Latin America and working within the indigenous traditions that I have always felt a deep connection to within my peruvian ancestry and lineage. When I look back at my life and reflect on how I got from my life in New York to here, a few experiences stand out. The first being when I was 20 yrs. old and I experienced and survived the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York where I was raised by my immigrant parents. The unresolved trauma from that experience led me to live a life full of anxiety and stress for many years which felt normal as I went on to finish my education in New York and began a career as a litigation attorney.  


It wasn’t until 2013, that all the stress took its toll and I was diagnosed with a dangerous tumor. An unsuccessful spinal surgery left me partially paralyzed, in pain and unable to care for my 8 month old daughter.  Instead of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, I shifted my life to Costa Rica.  Within days of the move, Ayahuasca came into my awareness. Miraculously, after just one sitting with Ayahuasca, the debilitating pain was gone and my body began to heal.  With each session of Ayahuasca that came thereafter, I unraveled layers of trauma and conditioned beliefs.  The clarity and growth came with the continued work and integration that took place following each ceremony.  I attribute my journey back to health to Ayahuasca and Kambo along with nutritional and holistic therapies that I did for over a year.  


After my recovery and witnessing the healing journey of many others, I co-founded an Ayahuasca healing center where I supported hundreds of guests suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD from 2016-2020. During this time, I was guided to provide emotional support and work with noble silence, meditation, yoga, and sound healing. However, in 2019 I felt more was being asked of me and Spirit eventually guided me to the Chirripo mountains of Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico where I continue to learn and grow from my teachers and the indigenous traditions that have carried the plant medicines for thousands of years. Although plant medicines such as Ayahuasca can bring about profound transformational change, healing and clarity, what I have learned over the years is that for it to be lasting, “the work” comes each day in how we see the world.



Andrew began his spiritual journey at a young age, always curious about the world around him and the nature of existence. At 19 years old he experienced a profound awakening that was triggered by his grandfather "Big Daddy" passing. This inspired a search for peace and understanding that led Andrew to books such as Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose", Paolo Coelho's "The Alchemist", Kahlil Gilbran's "The Prophet" the works of Neville Goddard, Florence Scovell Shin, James Allen, Alan Watts, William Blake, Jame's Redfield, The Channeled works of Paul Selig and Gary Renard's "The Disappearance of the Universe" which ultimately led Andrew to the book that has been the foundation of Andrew's beliefs and thought system, A Course in Miracles. The profound teachings and lessons therein have transformed the way Andrew views and experiences the world. Much of how he coaches, approaches workshops, holds space and speaks comes from this inspired spiritual document. 

Andrew begin working in retreats in 2014 in Big Bear, California where he supported SoCal Yoga Retreats with Reiki and Meditation practices. In 2016 he pursued his first Yoga Teacher Training in Maui, Hawaii which is where he begin his journey working with the plant medicine of ayahuasca. Working with plant medicine in general began at a young age for Andrew. Having first experienced the sacred mushroom at 17 years of age, Andrew was opened to the healing and perspective altering power of this plant. Having spent years working with this medicine on a personal level, Andrew was then guided to share this and other plant medicines he has opened his heart and mind towards. Andrew acknowledges that these medicines are not necessary to come to know inner peace, but they can act as tools to facilitate change of mind, thought and experience. Ultimately, Andrew believes the "work" is done within the mind and each of us must lay all of our worldly attachments aside to step into the truth of our reality which he believes is peace, love and oneness with God that is beyond the worldly dream we find ourselves in. 

Having spent nearly 7 years working within the Hospitality Industry with Hyatt in places like California, Hawaii and The Bahamas, Andrew decided to take a different approach in his day to day in 2020 when he left Hyatt. He obtained a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that same year. Then having left the Bahamas in May 2020, Andrew decided to explore Costa Rica a few months later to allow for a new path to form. One Spirit Infinite Journeys became that path and the many modalities in which he works are simply supportive of the deeper mental changes that he aims to facilitate in retreats, containers and coaching. Learn more by connecting with us or booking a coaching call. 

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