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Chirripo, Costa Rica
October 14th - October 20th 

Join our loving and soul nurturing retreat focused on bringing awareness and compassion to ideas, beliefs, and traumas that may be holding you back from living life with a deeper knowing of love and presence within yourself.


While enjoying the pristine mountains and rivers of Costa Rica, you will connect and be supported by nature and its relaxing presence. You will connect more deeply with yourself and others, as we journey into the mind and spirit with the support of compassionate inquiry, breathwork, ancestral teaching plants, meditation, and traditional ceremonies such as Temazcal (sweat lodge).


You will be provided with tools and an additional awareness of your mind that will continue to support your journey of self-discovery and the infinite potential that resides within long after our time together.  Our intention is that each of our guests leave rested, inspired, and with a deeper knowing of love within themselves.


Be met by the sacred mushrooms and allow yourself the opportunity to sit and learn from the spirit of these ancient teachers in an intimate, safe and loving space. When holding this space, we honor the native traditions of Maliollin and connect with the spirit of Teonanacatl (Hongos Sagrados). Within this native tradition of Mexico, the ritual and use of Teonanacatl is used to open our hearts, expand our consciousness, and connect with all parts of our being, including the parts that we do not want to see, where fears or pain may reside. 


Enter into prayer as you work with the spirit of fire, earth, water, wind and the four directions. In this ritual, we invite deep reflection and connection with our ancestors as we release and clear that which no longer serves us from the past, connect with and give gratitude for our ancestors and put forth prayer and intention for what we are calling into our future. We pray for not only ourselves but for all our relations in this tradition. This ritual can be a profound rebirth and support the integration process after deep work with other medicines we offer. 


Within a safe and well held container allow yourself to experience the release of trauma and tension stored within the mind that expresses release through the body. We are capable of helping you work through any number of emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, abandonment, resentment, guilt or shame. Moving beyond these emotions and the thoughts and stories that created them is paramount to come into the experience of oneness and love.


All of life is experienced with breath. Let this powerful, therapeutic breathwork practice be an additional opportunity to expand your awareness or move any stuck energy within the mind & body. Our offering was developed specifically to help promote emotional and energetic release that may come up during retreat. 


Kambo is the name of the spirit of the Giant Monkey Frog.  The secretions released by this frog have been used by native tribes in the Amazon for thousands of years. You will have the opportunity to receive this powerful medicine and not only empower your immune system, but also clear suppressed emotions and energetic blocks within the body.


A process through which one is able to get to the root of all ideas and stories around who and what we believe we are. This is done in the moment, in authentic expression to allow for one to really look, with honesty and genuineness at what seems to be happening in any given moment within oneself. Inspired from the Buddhist tradition and popularized by many mindfulness teachers, this practice is another way to become hyper aware of the mind and all of its inner workings. We approach this with a radical lens where everything you believe you are, have been or could ever be is brought into question and placed under the microscope of awareness.


Working with plant medicines is a process that is best supported through time and integration. ​ 

  • Post Ceremony Integration: After each ceremony, we hold in-person integration sessions.  

  • One-one sessions: Are available throughout the retreat to offer support whenever you are moving through an emotion or trigger. 

  • Post Retreat Group Calls: We connect with each group for up to two hours a week or so after the retreat ends and then again a month or so later. We weave our lives back in with the lessons and teachings of the time spent together to help bring clarity and solidity to our foundations. 


Open your heart with the Sacred Cacao medicine and weave the sound of music into your being during this ceremony of love and connection.


Bring in the practice of meditation and movement into your day to help bring focus into the mind and lift the vibration of your being. 


Delight in beautiful trails and scenic views of the mountains above and below. Cleanse the body in a nearby waterfall and allow yourself to deepen your connection to the Earth.


Relax for 6 nights into this luxurious, all-inclusive retreat center that's nestled next to the vibrant rivers of the Chirripo mountain. Enjoy the warmth of the hot tub or a dip in the pool during your retreat.


Revitalize your body with impeccably crafted farm-to-table meals that help nourish the body as we work with these powerful plant medicines.


To ease the journey of travel, included with the retreat is a round-trip shuttle. The shuttle departs from San Jose on arrival day and returns to San Jose on departure day. 

MASSAGE (Additional Cost)

Support all of the deep emotional, mental and physical work with a relaxing & healing massage provided by one of our therapists. 

Sample Schedule

Day 1

Arrive to Retreat Center


Welcome Ceremony

Day 5

Holotropic Breathwork


Integration & Somatic Release


Healing Ancestry Workshop


Day 2



Integration & Workshop


Day 6

Movement & Meditation


Integration & Workshop


Closing Ceremony 


Day 3

Kambo Ceremony


Group Integration


Deep Inquiry


Day 7


Depart Retreat Center

Day 4

Mushroom Ceremony


Body Work Sessions


Sound Healing

Day 8

Integration Continues

The Retreat Center

Find yourself in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica near the Chirripo Mountain, also know as the land of eternal waters. Allow the flowing river and nearby waterfalls to wash away the past and all that no longer serves you. Experience the luxury that's been carefully curated for decades in this space with plush, warm beds and creatively curated meals. Walk through the vibrant surroundings as you reconnect with nature and welcome the essence of life back into your day and night. This retreat center will help you disconnect with the outside world to reconnect more deeply with yourself and your partner. 


Your Investment Into You

Private Room: $2997

Shared Room: $2497

We request a $500 deposit to hold your space



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Jessica Calvo

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