Couples Retreat
with Grandmother Ayahuasca

Chirripo, Costa Rica
June 30th - July 7th, 2022

Give your relationship the opportunity to blossom and be known anew in this incredibly intimate setting. Work with your partner and the sacred plant medicines at the same time to remove walls and know greater expressions of love. Spend time connecting with your partner and in containers created to support both of you as individuals. Each workshop is created to allow for deep trust to be built and maintained within and outside of the retreat space. Explore any relationship challenge together with courage and love and delve into what it means to truly live in union with a partner. 

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Be met by the sacred plant medicine in this intimate ceremony held by our teacher & dear friend who has been working within the Peruvian lineage of Don Solón for over 10 years. Experience 3 nights of the traditional Icaros that carry the healing vibrations of the plants and has been used within these indigenous traditions for thousands of years.

TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge)

Enter into the womb of Mother Earth in this ancient indigenous tradition of physical detoxification, prayer, fire and the symbolic rebirth that occurs within the space. 


Created to support the work of the plant medicine, these workshops aim to allow a deeper level of love and intimacy to be present in any partnership. Developed and created with the relationship in mind, this practices will bring you closer to your partner in communication, understanding and in the bedroom.


All of life is experienced with breath. Let this powerful, therapeutic breathwork practice be an additional opportunity to expand your awareness or move any stuck energy within the mind & body.

RAPÉ CEREMONY (Sacred Tobacco)

Experience this sacred Amazonian Tobacco medicine in this deeply  meditative and releasing ceremony. Rapé has been used for centuries to clear the energetic field, open the pineal gland and release emotional buildups. 


Learn to cultivate a deeper awareness of the mind & emotions within through this conscious relating practice. Utilize this art to deepen your relationships with your family, friends or partner and remove walls that keep one from truly being present with another. 


Working with the Grandmother Medicine is a process that is best supported through time and integration. These integration circles are designed to provide further processing time and support, both during retreat and afterwards with 2 follow-up calls. 


Open your heart with the Sacred Cacao medicine and weave the sound of music into your being during this ceremony of love and connection.


Bring in the practice of meditation and movement into your day to help bring focus into the mind and lift the vibration of your being. 


Delight in beautiful trails and a river within steps of your room. Cleanse in these healing waters and allow the energy of the Chirripo mountain to revitalize your soul. The National Park is only a short walk away. Chirripo was named after the indigenous language in the area meaning "Land of Eternal Waters".


Relax for 7 nights into this luxurious, all-inclusive retreat center that's nestled next to the vibrant rivers of the Chirriopo mountain. Enjoy the warmth of the hot tub or a dip in the pool during your retreat.


Revitalize your body with impeccably crafted farm-to-table meals that help nourish the body as we work with these powerful plant medicines.


To ease the journey of travel, included with the retreat is a round-trip shuttle. The shuttle departs from San Jose on arrival day and returns to San Jose on departure day.

MASSAGE (Additional Cost)

Support all of the deep emotional, mental and physical work with a relaxing & healing massage provided by one of our therapists. 


Early Bird Pricing  (Before May 1st, 2022)

Private Lodging: $3397

Shared Lodging: $2697

After May 1st, 2022

Private Lodging: $3597

Shared Lodging: $2897



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Jessica Calvo