Welcoming Love
with Grandmother Ayahuasca

Monteverde Costa Rica
March 19th - March 26th 2023

Stepping into love is a choice. A choice that must be made everyday, but one must first free themselves from everything that stands in the way. Let this retreat be the catalyst that opens that door or allows you to step further into the path you've already chosen. We work with the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca while also supporting this deep work with workshops created to free your mind of limiting ideas and beliefs. 

Experience an intimate retreat setting where we limit the number of guests to be no more than 10 people.

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What to expect

In all of our retreats we place a great emphasis on recognizing and remembering the love that is ever present within your being. So often in this life we have let false ideas and beliefs be the foundation of our existence and being. We use sacred plant medicines to bring awareness and compassion to these thoughts while also providing a supportive foundation that can replace old patterns. Having spent decades cultivating these spaces, we truly believe that these retreat spaces can transform your life and help you wake up into the true reality, thereby Remembering Love.

We work with different modalities, some of which are created to weave together in unison to allow the being within you to shine forth and the darkness of any limiting beliefs to fade into the nothingness from whence they came.

3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

This sacred medicine is served by our dear friend who is a highly experience maestra, she has been working for the last 8 years in the Peruvian Amazon within the vegetalista mestizo tradition.

Integration Support

Working with the Grandmother Medicine is a process that is best supported through time and integration. These integration circles are designed to provide further processing time and support, both during retreat and afterwards with 2 follow-up calls. 

Somatic Release Workshops

Created to support the work of the plant medicine, these workshops aim to open the door of our mind and its connection through the body. By removing walls and seeing past our limits we can step into a greater knowing of truth and love. These are designed to test your mental limits and dive into your discomforts.


All of life is experienced with breath. Let this powerful, therapeutic breathwork practice be an additional opportunity to expand your awareness or move any stuck energy within the mind & body. Our offering was developed specifically to help promote emotional and energetic release that may come up during retreat. 

Rapé Ceremony (Sacred Tobacco)

Experience this sacred Amazonian Tobacco medicine in this deeply  meditative and releasing ceremony. Rapé has been used for centuries to clear the energetic field, open the pineal gland and release emotional buildups. 

Authentic Connection

Learn to cultivate a deeper awareness of the mind & emotions within through this conscious relating practice. Utilize this art to deepen your relationships with others and remove walls that keep one from truly being present with another. 

8 Days & 7 Nights

Relax for 7 nights into this luxurious, all-inclusive retreat center that's nestled next to the vibrant mountains & rivers of the Monteverde.

Vegetarian Meals

Revitalize your body with impeccably crafted farm-to-table meals that help nourish the body as we work with these powerful plant medicines.

Watsu (Additional $)

Enjoy the heated pool or the opportunity to experience an incredible way to experience full surrender with Watsu. This practice offered by Keith & Lauren is a beautiful way to let go and settle into the body, letting all mental chatter go while you allow yourself to be guided through a magical dance in the pool.

Body work (Additional $)

Working with plant medicines can help move energies in the body that can manifest as physical sensations. Allow yourself the opportunity to find release with a massage provided by one of our highly trained therpists.

The Retreat Center

Nestled in the infamous Monteverde Mountains, Finca Camino Nuevo holds a clear pure energy that captures the essence of the mountain spirit. With ocean views on a clear day and a steady breeze most days, this allows the movement and release of all types of energies. Enjoy the views from the heated pool recently built. 

Sample Schedule

Day 1

Arrive to Retreat Center


Welcome Ceremony

Day 5


Somatic Workshop


Somatic Workshop


Day 2





Somatic Workshop


Day 6



Remembering Love

Cacao & Closing Celebration


Day 3

Holotropic Breathwork



Somatic Workshop



Day 7


Depart Retreat Center

Day 4

Rapé Ceremony


Integration & Workshop


Somatic Workshop


Day 14

The Journey Continues

Integration Call


Private Room: $3050

We request a $500 deposit to hold your space

Inquire About Shared Options



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