A Return to Love

Pavones, Costa Rica
May 25th - June 1st

Join us in this intimate, beautiful setting where we work with the surrounding nature and healing plant medicines to lighten the path home to love. If you're feeling called to receive one on one work with a skilled ayahuascuero during ceremony, this is the space for you. We dive deep during ceremony and create highly supportive workshops that provide the opportunity for deep healing and freedom. Let go of the past, let go of the future and find yourself in the joy of the present moment. In addition to the powerful plant medicine work and congruent workshops, we do this work in the beautiful location of Pavones, Costa Rica where wildlife and nature are woven into the retreat center. Venture to the incredible beaches and catch a sunset or some world-class waves while you return to love. 

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Be met by the sacred plant medicine in this intimate ceremony held by our dear friend Alberto who has been working with Amazon plant medicines for 8 years.  He carries the lineage of Peruvian Vegetalismo, also known as Mestizo Shamanism and has much experience working with the Amazonian master plants. He studied with Don Benigno, a mestizo elder with over 50 years of experience and worked with Shipibo elders as a helper and translator. His focus is to use the medicine to aid people in their healing, transformative and spiritual journey to reconnect with what is real and eternal. 


Created to support the work of the plant medicine, these workshops aim to allow the release and forgiveness of old traumas stored within the mind and body that can stem from childhood, past experiences or beliefs that are being held within the mind that can keep one from seeing and experiencing the joy of their being and light of their innocence. 

RAPÉ CEREMONY (Sacred Tobacco)

Experience this sacred Amazonian Tobacco medicine in this deeply  meditative and releasing ceremony. Rapé has been used for centuries to clear the energetic field, open the pineal gland and release emotional buildups. 


All of life is experienced with breath. Let this powerful, therapeutic breathwork practice be an additional opportunity to expand your awareness or move any stuck energy within the mind & body.


Learn to cultivate a deeper awareness of the mind & emotions within through this conscious relating practice. Utilize this art to deepen your relationships with your family, friends or partner and remove walls that keep one from truly being present with another. 


Working with the Grandmother Medicine is a process that is best supported through time and integration. These integration circles are designed to provide further processing time and support, both during retreat and afterwards with 2 follow-up calls. 


Bring in the practice of meditation and movement into your day to help bring focus into the mind and lift the vibration of your being. 


Open your heart with the Sacred Cacao medicine and weave the sound of music into your being during this ceremony of love and connection.


Relax for 7 nights into this all-inclusive retreat center that's nestled next to world class Costa Rican beach, Pavones. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, the magic of the jungle and pristine beaches. 


Located in the southernmost peninsula in Costa Rica, Sol Center embodies the essence of pura vida. Enjoy the proximity to one of the best surf breaks in the country along with the natural plants and animals in the surrounding jungle.

TRANSPORTATION (Additional Cost)

To ease the journey of travel, we are happy to help you find the best travel option that works for you.


Revitalize your body with impeccably crafted farm-to-table meals that help nourish the body as we work with these powerful plant medicines.


Private Lodging: $2550

Shared Lodging: $2350



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